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White Supremacists Planned On Weaponizing The Coronavirus

With new infections and rising death tolls every other day, the war against the novel Coronavirus isn’t stopping anytime soon. While scientists and medics are spending sleepless nights in labs to find a possible cure or vaccine for the deadly virus, the superpowers have launched international blame games on who caused the virus.

Earlier on, research findings indicated that Covid-19 originated from the Bats. However, as the pandemic gets worse day after day, we get new revelations about the origin of the virus.

Just the other day China claimed that the U.S. army used the deadly virus as a weapon against the Chinese. In response, President Donald Trump termed it the “Chinese Virus”, insinuating that it originated from.

However, today there’s yet another developing story that’s astonishing. Newly unveiled documents confirm that white supremacists were planning to use the deadly virus as a bio-weapon.

Based on a February intelligence brief obtained by Yahoo News, federal law enforcement highlighted online discussions in which white racially motivated violent extremists (WRMVEs) discussed what they would do if any of them contracted COVID-19.

According to the brief written by Federal Protective Service, it’s alleged that this group of people said that it was their responsibility to spread the virus, in particular, targeting law enforcement and minority communities, with some mention of public places in general.

These discussions took place on a Telegram app channel that focused on “siege culture” accelerationism, and the work of neo-Nazi author James Mason.

“When WRMVEs have discussed the virus, they have been using terms such as corona-chan, bowlronavirus (referencing Dylann Roof), and boogaflu (modification of the term boogaloo, which is used to reference a future civil war),” the brief stated.

To achieve their mission, the individuals suggested having many infected people spend more time in public spaces with their ‘enemies’, going to local FBI offices and leaving saliva on the door handles, spitting on elevator buttons, leaving laced items at various crime scenes so detectives would be exposed, and more generally, spreading germs in non-white neighborhoods.

The document is dated the week of February between dates 17 and 21, three weeks before the World Health Organization declared the Covid-19 a global pandemic. As of February 21, there were only 34 confirmed cases in the U.S. However, the number has since risen to 21,300 within one month

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