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ItzYourzRadio 24/7 365 Digital Radio Station



Monitored by Digital Tracking Radio & STS


ItzYourzRadio is a fully licensed Digital Radio Station based on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, with strong local/regional listenership in Easton, Cambridge, Salisbury, P.G. County, D.C, Baltimore City and Philadelphia. We're also strong elsewhere in the U.S. including New York City, Boston, Charlotte, Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, Miami, Arizona and St. Louis.


We're nationally and internationally licensed. In the USA via ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and SoundExchange, Canada is covered via SOCAN and Re:Sound, and the UK is covered via PPL and PRS.

Our International listenership is very strong in Germany, Italy and Canada.

All registered songs are monitored by Digital Tracking Radio and STS. Songs monitored are tracked for track listing, charting purposes and songwriter royalties (where applicable via international licensers).

ItzYourzRadio 24/7 Digital Radio Station




Real radio is back, with soul, hip-hop, boom bap, r&b, break beats, funk, reggae, club/house, EDM, urban gospel, mix shows and more!


ItzYourzRadio 24/7 Music News

ItzYourzRadio 24/7 Daily Schedule

Mon-Fri. programming

12am-7am - Regular programming

7am-10am - The BJ Murphy Show

10am-11am - #Hot10 @10

11am-1pm - Classic Material

1pm-3pm #NewSoulSessions (Neo-Soul)

3pm-6pm The BJ Murphy Show

6pm-7pm - Dusty Crates with Donni-Oh!

7pm-8pm Indie Artist Spotlight

8pm-12am - Regular Programming (Mon-Thurs)

Friday night programming

9pm-10pm - Mix Show Madness with Rampage

10pm-11pm - DJ Popitoff Mix Show

11pm-until - Friday Nigh Flava

Saturday programming



12am-2am - DJ Cheese, DJ Ill Kid, DJ Flexx, Donni-Oh!

2am-12pm - Regular Programming

12pm-2pm - Doug Williams Showgram (classic r&b)

2pm-4pm - Hip-Hop Saturday (old school hip-hop)

4pm-7pm -  Regular Programming

7pm-8pm - Go-Go Live (go-go)

8pm-9pm - Street Anthems Live with DJ Will Money (Hip-Hop and R&B mix)

9pm-10pm - Mix Show Madness with Rampage

10pm-11pm - DJDe Wu Mix Show (Trap)

11pm-until - Saturday Night Flava (various DJ mixes)

12am-2am - Saturday Night Flava (various DJ mixes)

2am-12pm - Regular Programming

12pm-3pm - Sunday Vibes (R&B Soul, Hip-Hop Soul)

3pm-4pm - The Warming Up Show with DJ Randy P (Urban Gospel)

4pm-8pm - Sunday Vibes (R&B Soul, Hip-Hop Soul)

8pm-9pm - The Warming Up Show with DJ Randy P (Urban Gospel)

9pm-Midnight - Sunday Night Slow Down


Mixshow Madness

Fri. & Sat. 9pm-10pm


Street Anthems Live

Sat. 8pm-9pm


DJ Popitoff



DJ Randy P

Sun. 8am-9am & 3pm-4pm

randy p.jpg

Doug Williams Showgram

Sat. 12pm-2pm

doug williams showgram.jpg

DJDe Wu Mix Show

Sat. 10pm-11pm

djde wu.jpg

Classic Material

Mon-Fri 11am-1pm


The BJ Murphy Show Mon-Fri 7am-10am & 3pm-6pm

Mon-Fri 7am-10am & 3pm-6pm

Join us for good music and honest, thought-provoking, engaging and entertaining fun, each weekday Mon-Fri 7am-10am & 3pm-6pm

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ItzYourzRadio 24/7 Hot 20 Chart

#Hot1o Chart

Weekly Top 10 songs in rotation on ItzYourzRadio 24/7. Monitored by Digital Tracking Radio and STS. ItzYourzRadio is ASCAP, BMI and SoundExchange licensed.


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ItzYourzRadio 24/7 Photo Gallery

"Photo Gallery"

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