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Product/Brand Placement

Movie Theater Films, Streaming & TV

Get your product, service, brand or music placed in movie theater feature films, streaming services or TV shows.

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Product Placement



feature films

We provide the placement of products, services, brands and music in feature films at national theaters such as Regal, Premiere, AMC, Cinemark, Cineplex and Marcus.



We provide the placement of products, services, brands and music in TV Shows, Documentaries and Movies on platforms such as Bravo, Paramount and TLC. 



We provide the placement of products. services, brands and music in movies and documentaries shown on streaming platforms such as Netflix, Tubi, Paramount and Amazon Prime.


of product/brand placement

Get the visibility you've been searching for to expose your product, service, music or brand before tens, even hundreds of thousands of new customers. Most major films will cost anywhere between $10,000 - $400,000 for companies to invest in product placement. We are no where near those astronomical numbers, yet we still give the same type of exposure. We'll develop a game plan to most benefit your vision. Email or call us for more info on how you can begin to take your business to the next level!!

Current Product Placement Opportunity 

"Access Denied" was picked up by Tubi as a FEATURE film.

Production will begin in Atlanta during the month of June.

It will star Legendary Actress Vivica A. Fox.

Red Carpet premieres will be in Atlanta & New York City.

Date, time and venue TBA.


“Access Denied” follows the intertwining lives of Louise Monroe, Bryson St. James, and Sidon Murray. Louise, drawn to Bryson’s newfound riches, manipulates him into showering her with extravagant gifts while secretly using his wealth to support her imprisoned boyfriend, Sidon. However, when Sidon is released from jail, tensions erupt between him and Bryson, leading to a violent confrontation that lands Bryson behind bars and strips him of everything he’s worked for. As the web of deceit unravels, the characters are forced to confront the consequences of their actions and the true nature of wealth and loyalty and Louise is forced to face the same demons that she inflicted on Bryson.
























Driven by ambition and opportunism, Louise Monroe enters into a relationship with stock trader Bryson St. James, a man that had struggled financially all of his life… Bryson’s trades finally pay off in a major way and as a result he becomes very rich…Now he has Louise’s undivided attention but solely for his wealth and success.


 As Bryson lavishes her with gifts and  exclusive access to his finances, Louise's greed leads her to secretly siphon off his money while maintaining a relationship with her true love, career criminal, Sidon Murray.  When Bryson catches Louise and Sidon together in the home that he gifted  her, a violent confrontation ensues, resulting in Bryson's arrest and eventual loss of everything he owns.


 After serving time in jail, Bryson returns to the home to find Louise and Sidon now living in the home that he was paying for as a gift to her, Also Louise tells him that the baby she has is his… Bryson then asks Louise if she could loan him some of the money that she siphoned from him but she refuses and then accuses him of being unstable and unreliable… Sidon also demands that he leave the house or he will have him re arrested for criminal trespass.


. Bryson then goes to the bank to try and have his money returned however he is denied because he authorized he access…the bank also has his car repossessed while he was inside because she had not paid any of his bills including his car payments…


Desperate and betrayed, Bryson seeks refuge with his best friend and walks to his home but his help is limited there…Bryson’s best friend Amari tried to warn him about Louise but Bryson would not listen…Bryson had turned his back on all of his friends including Amari… However, Amari felt sorry for him and limited his stay in his basement for 30 days  to get back on his feet


Bryson was allowed to live in his best friend’s basement…. Meanwhile, Louise's fortunes begin to take a turn for the worse .. she forgot that lady Karma never forgets and she never loses an address, and those tables did turn ….Sidon steals all her money, his loyalty was only to her bank account, the fact that he was a professional career criminal on the dark web, made her an easy target… he wants to be free to live his life with other women which in turn leaves her destitute and forced to return to her aunt's home, it doesn’t take Louise long to understand that whatever a man sow’s this is what they will also reap, and this included women…As Louise packs her belongings, and is forced from the home that she ill gained from Bryson she encounters Bryson again, now he is driving a new car with HER best friend by his side, LOUISE is in pure shock and disbelief because over the years she has always put her best friend down for being overweight and would often make her the pawn of her jokes and insults publicly…she would also flirt with Draya’s boyfriend in her face  and would tell her it’s not her fault that her boyfriend was interested in her, but now unbeknownst to Louise her best friend Draya had lost weight and started working out with Bryson and the two of them became inseparable…Despite her apologies and declarations of love, Bryson metaphorically closes the door on their relationship, symbolizing his newfound independence and strength. With "access denied," Bryson drives off, leaving Louise to contemplate the consequences of her actions." With the love of his life as he files for full custody of his son.

Product Placement will be written into storyline.



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