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Thirty Four Enterprises LLC Set To Make Major Noise In 2024

Updated: Feb 1

Thirty Four Enterprises CEO Dondre' Phoenix and Congressman David Trone

Thirty Four Enterprises LLC, the source of community, business and entertainment, officially launched in June of 2023. Much of what TFE is, Dondre Phoenix has been providing for the better part of 30 years. In June of 2023, it simply became official.

Thirty Four Enterprises LLC owns media outlet ItzYourzRadio, which include, ItzYourzRadio247 (digital radio station) and ItzYourzRadioLIVE, the #1 rated radio show who has subcontracted its services and partnered with WKTT Live 97.5 FM in Salisbury, MD.

However, the leg work to make it all become a reality, was quite taxing, but worth it. There are many services that TFE provide, which include, entertainment, website design, advertising and political campaign strategies, business growth consultation, a youth diversion, mentorship and apprentice program and local state and federal government contracting.

The government contracting leg of Thirty Four Enterprises was the toughest to get underway. Becoming a government contractor is very competitive, so being a fresh face in the industry makes it very difficult to land the BIG contracts. However, TFE was fortunate and blessed to partner with industry veteran, Strategic Solutions International.

Government contracting services that TFE provide include information technology, media advertising, entertainment, mental health, custom apparel, armed security, transportation, cleaning services, construction and food service.

Its youth diversion, mentorship and apprentice program, "Media 101 For Our Youth", exposes students to the option of a career in multimedia, while offering a positive, inspiring, incentive based activity and experience.

With 2024 being a pivotal election year, campaigning will be paramount for government leaders. TFE's "For The People" Campaign Services, provides some of the most comprehensive and grassroots services to local, state and national political campaigns.

Two campaigns that TFE provides services for include, Congressman David Trone and Senator Jill P. Carter.

Senator Jill P. Carter On ItzYourzRadioLIVE

Thirty Four Enterprises LLC's "For The People" Campaign Services

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