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Report Finds Trump Has Lied More Than 22,000 Times During His Presidency

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

A group of journalists at the Washington Post has found thousands of lies, during the collection of a startling report regarding President Donald Trump. After studying Donald Trump's public statements over the course of 1,316 days, they found that the President has made 22,247 false or misleading statements. The newly released report adds that they are currently eight weeks behind in fact-checking the Commander-In-Chief.

President Trump's lying reportedly picked up steam near the Republican National Convention in August. During the first 27 days of August, the President made 1,506 false or misleading statements. On average, he made nearly 60 false or misleading claim per day. On August 11, he set his single-day record of 189 false or misleading statements. His August 11 mark is closely followed by the 147 false or misleading claims he made on August 17. Prior to August 2020, Trump's most prolific run of misleading or false statements came in fall 2018. According to the report, he made more than 1,200 false or misleading statements in October 2018. On November 5, 2018, he made 138 false or misleading claims. Most recently, Trump took his deceitful ways to the Curb Event Center in Nashville for the final presidential debate before election day. While there, he made false statements regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, race in America and much more.

"We're rounding the corner. It's going away," Trump said regarding the country's response to the pandemic.

Unfortunately, his vague claim is untrue. Yesterday, the country recorded 75,049 confirmed COVID-19 cases. That is the second-highest daily total since the pandemic began back in March.

"Nobody has done more for the Black community than Donald Trump," he said in third person during the debate. This statement is also false. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Fred Hampton, Diane Nash, Harriet Tubman and many others would like to throw their name into that conversation. As the election nears, researchers hope to catch up to the President's prolific pace. Current projections indicate that he will certainly surpass 25,000 false or misleading statements by the end of the year.


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