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NFL Player Writes Children’s Book About Fathers Bonding With Daughters

Marcus Smith II, a veteran linebacker in the NFL, just released a new children’s book that highlights the special bond between fathers and daughters.

Bathtime with Rai is a story based on Smith’s own life with two-year-old daughter, Sarai, as reported by NBC News. The 28-year-old wrote the book “for the modern Black dads of the world and for the little brown girls of the world,” he said in an interview.

“I just want to put on for the Black fathers to let us know that we are here and for the little young girls out there, there are fathers out there that are trying to become the best fathers they can possibly be,” he added.

Smith said that the late NBA legend Kobe Bryant was a major inspiration for the book. “I look at him and his daughters’ relationship, and I feel like that’s what a daughter/father relationship should look like, he said. “I try to go off some of the same morals and principles Kobe did.”

A synopsis of the book says readers can expect a bedtime story that goes “From nostalgic moments to laughs and giggles, Bathtime with Rai delightfully chronicles all the exchanges of love amidst a favorite nighttime ritual.” Bathtime with Rai will be available on December 2.

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