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New Book “Hush Money” Shines a Light on Systemic Racism in Employment

Black authors, Delilah Harris, Deborah Harris, and Jacquie Abram, are using social media to promote their new book, HUSH MONEY: How One Woman Proved Systemic Racism in her Workplace and Kept her Job, which narrates the story of a 28-year old Black woman and her struggles with systemic racism in Corporate America. Inspired by true events, the book is available on Amazon.

HUSH MONEY tells a story that is all too familiar to Black people across the globe with the case study of Ebony, a young Black woman who was living in poverty, struggling financially, and finding it hard to make ends meet. It describes how she obtained a job with an organization, after years of working dead-end jobs, that put her one step closer to living the American dream. But it also describes how that dream turned into a nightmare when she became a victim of systemic racism in her workplace, was stripped of all dignity, confidence, and strength, and was left with three choices: suffering in silence to keep her job, resigning to keep her sanity, or waiting to be unjustly fired.

HUSH MONEY also tells a story of triumph that breaks down the strategy Ebony used after years of suffering that not only proved systemic racism in her workplace but also allowed her to keep her job and received a six-figure settlement from her employer, among other things, to buy her silence.

By promoting their book on social media, the authors hope to bring awareness to the racial divide that exists in employment.

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