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ItzYourzRadio Discussing the Issues

August 25, 2019 ItzYourzRadio had an on-air two-hour discussion regarding many of the issues that the Black Man in America has been dealing with for over 400 years. Along with issues, the two guest panel were searching for solutions.

Joining hosts Donni-Oh! & J-Mo were guests hip-hop recording artist Devon Beck and legendary hip-hop DJ/artist/writer L.Fli aka Supreme LD.

Topics included were the affects of the 80's & 90's crack era, non-support of black businesses, race relations, wealth, the Popeye's chicken fiasco and more.

Two years later, Donni-Oh! felt it was time to reignite the conversation.

ItzYourzRadio will host this round of talks/answers with special guests entrepreneurs Revive Sounds Production's DJ Randy P, Classy Cats Barbershop's (Salisbury, MD) Gator and legendary DJ/artist/writer L. Fli aka Supreme LD.

Donni-Oh! will once again moderate, along with co-host J-Mo, as they delve into such topics as the importance of credit, home ownership, passing down wealth, health/life insurance, mistreating of one another, breaking down "critical race theory", influence of hip-hop music (negative/positive), navigating the information age (social media influence), spirituality/religion in 2021 and mental health.

Don't miss this conversation, Sunday November 7, beginning at 4:30pm-7pm on Live 97.5 FM. You can listen LIVE via streaming on, Live 97.5 via Tunein, Live 97.5 via You Tube or Live 97.5 via Facebook.

Your participation is encouraged. They would love to receive your input and comments. The phone lines will be open at 410-548-9750 and post comments on You Tube or Facebook.

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