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Entertainment | Soul Talk 100: Putting the Soul Into Talk Radio

Updated: May 6, 2021

In the media world, with so many options and platforms that contest for our attention, as a program director, there has to be something(s) that will separate yourself from the rest of the pack.

Then you add on the fact that the advancement in technology accelerates the process even faster, staying two steps ahead of the game and adapting to swift change is paramount.

Soul Talk 100 is looking to do just that. Founder / Program Director, radio vet Dondre' "Donni-Oh!" has been tweaking, turning, twisting, eliminating and adding for the last 5 years. According to Phoenix, trying to figure out what works and what doesn't, all in itself, has been quite an adventure.

Dondre' "Donni-Oh!" Phoenix with singer Loreal Lewis

"Listen, when I first launched Soul Talk 100 five years ago, which doesn't seem that long ago, things were much different... Podcasts were on the come-up, but not like now.. Everybody has a Podcast.. It used to be, show hosts would reach out to invite celebrities to be guests on their shows, but now we're seeing celebrities starting to create their own shows.. The tables have turned and it is on steroids (as Phoenix laughs)".

Longevity, passion, finding YOUR niche and doing things for the right reason are the keys to staying power and weeding through the wilderness of the clutter, now known as the new media.

"I've been in the industry for 27 years... In 5 years, let's see who's still around...." Phoenix says.

"Every Tom, Dick and Harry with an opinion have Podcasts because it seems to be the "cool" thing to do and of course it attracts attention.. Folks love attention, right??" Phoenix says.

Of course, with the accessibility to reach the masses through social media and other available platforms, such as YouTube, Zoom, etc, anyone with an opinion and someone willing to listen are creating shows.

However, Phoenix wanted to take it a step further... more than just providing an entertainment show, but creating a full-service platform "FOR" those shows. A platform that is multi-faceted, stable and of high quality, is the aim of Soul Talk 100.

"I seen a void in the industry that provide consistent, conscious, forward-thinking, honest, quality content.." Phoenix says.

Soul Talk 100 provides a world wide digital radio platform which discusses social issues, politics, sports and entertainment. Soul Talk 100 is powered by the FREE Tunein app.

Soul Talk 100's Flagship show is the politically-social, nationally syndicated, Warren Ballentine Show. In 2019, the addition of the Warren Ballentine Show has been a major reason for the growth in world wide listenership numbers. With that growth in numbers, it has also enabled Soul Talk 100 to attract several national advertisers.

"Being an independent radio station has it's pros and cons just like anything else. We have the freedom and flexibility to do our own thing without waiting for ok's or no's from corporate. However, not having corporate bank, can sometimes become an issue when financial dependence is needed in certain areas... But overall, I'm happy with our progression, I like where we're headed. We have a really solid team.." Phoenix says.

Other staple shows on Soul Talk 100 include, "The POV Sports Show" hosted by Devon "POV" Mason, "On The Mic with Tarence Bailey, Sr." and "The Mogul Circuit".

Devon "POV" Mason

On The Mic with Tarence Bailey, Sr.

Phoenix is looking to add other shows to the platform as well. For more info contact Dondre' "Donni-Oh!" Phoenix at

Visit Soul Talk 100 at

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