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Early Voting Surpasses 2016 Election Turnout

Around the country, early voters made it out to polling sites and mailed absentee ballots at record rates. The Associated Press reports 58.6 million ballots have been cast in the 2020 election so far, 600,000 more than during early voting in 2016. 

Many voters are getting to the polls early to avoid election day crowds during the coronavirus pandemic. A record number of mail-in ballots have also been cast, out of the similar concerns for COVID-19.  The presidential campaigns have their eye on a number of key swing states including Pennsylvania, Florida, and North Carolina where early voting has already broken records. Harris County, Texas–– the county of the city of Houston–– reported 1 million votes casted as of October 23, per ABC 13 Houston

In Georgia, more than two million voters have gotten their ballots in.

With a few days until the election, campaigns are zig-zagging across the country, hosting events and rallies, making appearances to get in last-minute appeals to American voters. 

While some turbulence has been witnessed at polls, the massive turnout to early voting is evidence of increased participation in the country’s election process, with many voters energized by the events of this year.

Most early voting will end this weekend, with Election Day on Tuesday, November 3. Check out local and state websites for more details on early voting.


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