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Bloomberg Is Paying People $2500 A Month On Social Media To Promote Him

Amidst controversies surrounding his past life, Michael Bloomberg hasn’t given up on the race. He’s not going to fail his supporters in any way. Reports reveal that the candidate’s campaign is planning to pay at least a hundred people $2500 each per month to promote the candidate via text message and their social media feeds.

Bloomberg’s campaign is to bring on board at least 500 digital organizers to work for more than 30 hours per week. According to the Wall Street Journal, these people are expected to promote the presidential candidate’s talking points to online friends and phone contact lists.

The online campaign is set to take place in California where presidential elections are expected to take place on March 3. However, the Wall Street Journal reports that Bloomberg’s campaign could expand the outreach nationwide.

The main reason why Michael Bloomberg is taking this direction is to reach out to many voters through a personal touch, the Wall Street Journal reports. He believes this will attract more voters for a better vote count.

Outvote, a mobile application, funded by a Democratic technology and investment organization known as Higher Ground Labs, is supporting the outreach.

“Our app allows anyone to plug into a Democratic campaign and see which of their friends are registered voters in the district and coordinate SMS outreach with the campaign for event invites… social sharing, fundraising, and getting out the vote,” the mobile application says online.

Newsweek contacted the presidential candidate’s campaign for comment concerning their unique strategy. A spokesperson for the outreach campaign told The Journal, “One of the most effective ways of reaching voters is by activating their friends and network.”

Based on the metrics published by Google and Facebook, Bloomberg is largely outspending other candidates, with most messages focused on criticizing the current president, Donald Trump.

We aren’t sure how Facebook which requires influencers to label their sponsored posts will classify Bloomberg’s campaign’s strategy. Even then, last week the social network approved Bloomberg’s popular memes spread on Instagram by different accounts.

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