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30 Years Later, Diamond D Glances in 'The Rear View'

On September 22, 1992, now legendary artist/producer Diamond D released one of Hip-Hop's finest pieces of work, 'Stunts, Blunts and Hip Hop'.

At that very moment, Diamond quickly established himself as one of the best hip hop producer/emcee combos in the game.

Now 30 years in, with 9 albums under his belt, Diamond has established himself as one of the best ever producer/emcee.

His 10th album, 'Rear View,' is super dope, with Diamond calling this offering his best effort on the mic.

Diamond said, "I'm still sample based, but I use live musicianship to give the songs a BIG feel," the "Sally Got A One Track Mind" producer revealed.

"I picked up that technique from producers like Nottz, Dr. Dre, and Battlecat. Though I'm still sample based, I have to compete with what is on the radio, so it all ties in."

'The Rear View' features Posdnous of De la Soul, Westside Gunn of Griselda, Ashtin Martin, Stacy Epps and KP.

It's easy to forget the influence of Diamond D, but for anyone who needs a reminder, the interlude titled "Joe Crack" features Fat Joe explaining how Diamond convinced him to rap, and that if not for Diamond D, there would be no Fat Joe, Remy, Big Pun, Scott Storch, DJ Khaled, Pitbull or Cool & Dre.

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