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ItzYourzMedia and Positive Vibe Threads Link Up

ItzYourzMedia and the newly launched apparel company, Positive Vibe Threads have collaborated for several joint ventures. ItzYourzMedia is an urban media company that includes ItzYourzRadioLive, ItzYourzTV, SoulTalk100, as well as product placement, public relations and TV commercial production.

Positive Vibe Threads is the official designer and distributor for apparel related to ItzYourzMedia and its partners. Forthcoming ventures include, the design and distribution of ItzYourzMedia tees and hoodies, promotional apparel of forthcoming comedy shows, radio show giveaways, basketball clinics and the offical NBA draft party.

Future details will be released, as events and deals are finalized.

Visit Positive Vibe Threads

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