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‘Daily Show’ Tackles Plight of Black Pundits Having to Remain Calm During Racial Discussions

We’ve all seen it… African American political pundits like Marc Lamont Hill, Angela Rye or Van Jones having to keep their cool during a cable news segment whenever someone representing the opposite point of view says something racist and out-of-pocket.

The internal quest to keep from being labeled the “angry black man” or “angry black woman” is an issue that no one is talking about…until now.

Thursday’s episode of “The Daily Show” (with correspondent Jordan Klepper sitting in for host Trevor Noah) took a closer look at the phenomenon, which also includes black anchors having to remain professional when racist nonsense comes at them from African Americans guests.

In his report “Black Journalists Can’t Say S#%t,” correspondent Roy Wood Jr. examines the tremendous patience it takes for pundits of color not to go off when discussing racially charged issues like police brutality and Donald Trump’s divisive presidential campaign.

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