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Product Placement

Product Placement (through entertainers)

ItzYourzMedia (IYM) will provide periodic apparel to Celebrities (C) for product placement through Celebrities and Entertainers (CE). Said celebrities and entertainers, when able to, through C, will provide IYM a visual wearing of the apparel for “in-house” promotion through social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter , Instagram, SnapChat). Visuals cannot be used for the company’s website, outside billboard, TV, magazine, newspaper or radio advertising.

This agreement is set in place to also include a possible, future endorsement agreement involving IYM, CB, CE and the apparel company(s).

Product Placement for companies

Company will provide ItzYourzMedia with apparel and/or product, in which our clients will wear for promotion purposes. Company will also provide tickets, promotional giveaways and discounts to ItzYourzMedia, that in turn, will be given away on the radio.

For more information, Email us at:

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