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UMES Hall of Famers Lend Their Talents To NBA 2K22

Charlotte Hornets PA Announcer "Big Pat" Doughty

When the newest version of NBA 2K hits stores this fall, the University of Maryland Eastern Shore will be represented by the voice of Hawks Hall of Famer Pat Doughty. Doughty will be one of the public address announcer voices that will be used on the video game.

"I was overwhelmed when I got the call about this opportunity," Doughty said. "I knew that by doing this that my voice would be immortalized for this year's game."

Doughty, who is affectionately known as "Big Pat", is the current public address announcer for the Charlotte Hornets. He is entering his 18th season with the team. Before heading down to the Queen City, he served as the PA announcer for Eastern Shore basketball from 2000-04.

The process for his voice to be included on NBA 2K22 was a meticulous one. Doughty had to read and record close to 10,000 lines over a 10-day span in the nation's capital. It was also physically trying for Big Pat as he was also completing dialysis during the process as well.

"Once I got up to D.C. and it was time to record I had to just lock in," Doughty said. "It took many hours to complete the lines and because of COVID there was only me and a few engineers there, but we got it done."

His journey behind the mic dates back to 1984. Doughty was sophomore at Pocomoke High School and his high school coach Dave Byrd told him that he should give announcing a chance. He decided to take Byrd up on his offer, went behind the mic and the rest is history.

Doughty's career with Maryland Eastern Shore kicked off at the start of the new millennium with a cross country meet after leaving the Navy. His voice went from outside with cross country to inside the Hytche Center for basketball games and eventually being inducted to the Hawks Hall of Fame in February 2020.

"I never expected to be in the Hall of Fame, so I am very appreciative of the honor," Doughty said. "Other than the birth of my kids and grandkids, being inducted in to the Hawks Hall of Fame is one of the single greatest accomplishments of my life."

Tim Parham

While Doughty's voice will be on the video game, another Hawks Hall of Famer, Tim Parham, is part of the development process of NBA 2K. Parham competed for the Hawks on the court from 2003-06 and was inducted into the hall in 2018.

He began his relationship with NBA 2K in 2010 while playing professionally in Japan. After his playing days were over, he secured an internship in 2016 and by January 2019 he became a producer for the popular game. Some of the games he played in while a student-athlete in Princess Anne were announced by Doughty, so the relationship they built back then is being rekindled.

"I look up to people like Pat because he is a great guy and his voice is a gift," Parham said. "With him on the game, it's like everything coming full circle and that's amazing so I am happy for my Hall of Fame brother."

Parham also has contributed to HBCU wardrobe being seen on the video game. The popular clothing brand "Support Black Colleges" is available on NBA 2K and Parham was instrumental in getting the HBCU brand to be a part of the game.

As for Doughty, his infectious voice will be heard on this year's version of the video game when it hits the market in September.


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