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Taot Recordings Presents 'The Serum' EP Vol.1

Taot Recordings presents the release of 'The Serum Vol.1' EP with Pro-Logic and DJ Quanta. The esteemed duo enlist a selection of heavy-hitting talent for the 10-track project including Lakes, McOllie Skulkin, Doc Philly, Hectic, Choze, Mista Murray, HolliZay, Madame J, Es, Dox, Sharky, Rym-B, iLL Tone, Greg King, Jonni Riddim, Righteous, Fraction, Substance810, Age, and James D.

The EP was originally supposed to be just that, an EP. However after Pro-Logic and DJ Quanta linked and went through a catalog of fresh beats the EP quickly transitioned into albums, 'The Serum' volume 1 and volume 2. Stream volume 1 below to experience a head-nodding classic.

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