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Talib Kweli Dedicates One For Biz

When I first seen who the artist was, the title of the song and the feature?????

My soul rejoiced!!!

Only to be let down, not because of the song itself, but because of not seeing all of the above....

The music video had no pics or video footage of Biz to match the inhuman voice of the diabolical as it is spread throughout the chorus.... and

Where is Q-Tip????????????????

The song says, featuring Q-Tip. The Abstract one makes rare appearances, so if I see his name featured, I.....WE...... expect a verse. Talib and Q-Tip???, now that's a dope collabo!!......................... Or would've been.

Now, I don't know if that's Tip singing at the end of the Wildchild verse or not, but either way, not getting an expected verse from the Abstract one is a huge let down.

As far as the missing of Biz footage in the video, maybe the proper clearance couldn't of been made. It happens, I get it. However, doing a dedication music video with no vision of the one being dedicated, leaves a huge void to the "feel" of the song.

None the less, after the long rant, this is a solid offering from Talib Kweli & Madlib (on the beat) with a solid feature from Wildchild, who drops "One For Biz". It would've been a masterpiece and an instant classic with some actual Biz visuals and an actual verse from the Abstract. Enjoy.

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