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Special Ed Joins ItzYourzRadio and Speaks on Bill Cosby, Big 'n Pac, Juice, Juneteenth and more

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Recently hip-hop legend Special Ed joined ItzYourzRadio's #LegendsEdition segment to discuss his favorite emcees, Bill Cosby, Juice, Michael Rapaport, Crooklyn Dodgers, ghostwriting, producing for Biggie and Tupac, Juneteenth and what he's up to now!

The #LegendsEdition segment on ItzYourzRadio pays homage to those who have helped pave the way and who have been influential in music/culture. The segment helps educate the younger generation and bridge the cultural gap. It also gives those who grew up with those legends an opportunity to catch up and see what some of their favorite artists are currently doing.

Thus far, guests have included Busy Bee, Smooth B, Positive K, Monifah, Ron G, Trouble Funk, Paula Perry, Judge Joe Brown, Emory Jones (Rocnation), Kyle West (producer), Eric Nolan (The O'Jay's), Oscar Alston (The Stone City Band), Oschino (State Property), 4th Disciple (Wu-Tang Clan Producer), Bill Pettaway (producer) and DJ Dice (Redman & Method Man Tour DJ).



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