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Prince Could Really Hoop and The Charlie Murphy Stories Were True

Prince, Charlie Murphy and Rick James

Former bass player and co-songwriter from the legendary Rick James' Stone City Band, Oscar Alston joined ItzYourzRadioLive's Donni-Oh! & J-Mo and had a real deep discussion regarding the life of a "funk" star in the late 70's and early 80's.

Rick James and Oscar Alston in the 80's

Alston was a member of Rick James' Stone City Band from 1978-1983, the prime of James' career. Along with that, came many experiences, which include witnessing Prince on the basketball court, Rick James being disrespectful and the infamous stepping of shoes on Eddie Murphy's couch.

Oscar Alston Speaks On Prince Hoopin' & Charlie Murphy Stories


Of course, with it being Hollywood and the music industry, there was rampant drug use and cocaine was the drug of choice. Freebase, eventually being recognized as ready rock or crack was introduced during the early 80's as well.

Oscar Alston Speaks On Group's Drug Use


Here's one of Oscar Alston's most famous bass lines. Oscar plucking the strings on the classic "Give It To Me Baby".

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