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Not Everyone Is Cool With Jay On Jay's Joint

TWITTER – As millions of people across the globe remain paralyzed by COVID-19, Jay Electronica unveiled his debut album, A Written Testimony, on Friday (March 13), giving Hip Hop fans something to smile about.

In addition to Travis Scott and The-Dream, who are the only two guests noted on the tracklist, JAY-Z is all over the 10-track project, leading Twitter to dub the project Watch The Throne 2.

From “Shiny-Suit Theory” to “Universal Theory,” Jay blesses several songs on the album with powerful verses.

As Electronica raps on “Ezekiel’s Wheel” featuring The-Dream, “My debut album featurin’ Hov, man, this is highway robbery/It’s like I hit the lottery, I busted the piñat-y/Now I’m hot like a tamale, it’s just like I caught a body/It will be pandemonium if I show up to the party/May all my haters hit they knees and throw up in the toilet/In the twinklin’ of an eye I went from legend to historic.”

Of course, not everyone agrees and argued Watch The Throne 2 can only be made by Hov and Kanye West. Also, not everyone is cool with Jay Z being on so many songs with Jay Elec. There's many who feels cheated by the 11 year wait for a Jay Electronica album, only to have another Jay all over the album. But overall, Twitter is thrilled to have a new Jay Electronica album in 2020 — even if the world is coming to an end.

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