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Native Sunz Delivers 'Genesis of the Legacy' Album

Acclaimed and respected by Hip Hop legends for their distinct sounds and profound lyrical content, Stixx Jones and Frank Reed of Native Sunz are back on the scene with a new album titled ‘Genesis of a Legacy.’ The 41-track album serves as a playlist for the ‘Genesis’ and ‘Legacy’ albums which include an intro, outros, and skits in between doses of raw Hip Hop. Listeners will experience an echo-filled kaleidoscope of backdrops driven by soulful melodies, and cinematic scores, along with knocking basslines and drums delivered with precision. Each track stands on its own style and flow-wise, but they all hit hard with boom-bap vibes laced with signature flavors from Native Sunz.

There are chilling moments,head-nodding moments, and even slap-ya-momma moments. ‘Genesis of a Legacy’ falls nothing short of being coined as an epic, timeless gem. Slap on headphones or plug in a boom box to experience a vigorous earful of authentic Hip Hop.

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Stixx Jones @YOUNGBROTHER11 and Frank Reed @NATIVESUNZ410

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