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Men Pose As Wu-Tang And Jack Over $100,000 Worth Of Hotel Rooms And Studio Sessions

In 2020, one would think that it would be virtually impossible to steal the identities of some of the rap’s biggest superstars.

Considering that Google is literally in your pocket at all times and that social media has become more prominent than even television, someone would be hard-pressed to not recognize stars like those in the popular Hip-Hop group, the Wu-Tang Clan.

Or so you might think… but that is exactly what happened in Atlanta, Georgia.

As popular as the Wu might seem - the ennead just celebrated their 25th anniversary and the success of their hit Hulu series - everyone doesn’t know all nine core members.

A group of men rolled up in a rented Rolls Royce Phantom to stay in a couple of luxurious, but old hotels while maxing out their expenses, and the workers believed that they were Staten Island rappers.

According to the USA Today, the identity thieves not only fronted as the Enter The Wu-Tang emcees, but the scammers also had execs posing as Roc Nation reps to help them swindle over $100,000 from various hotels, recording studios and car rental spots.

A criminal complaint was filed recently with the U.S. District Court in Atlanta, charging Walker Washington and Aaron-Barnes Burpo as the masterminds behind the scheme.

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