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Lied: Woman Says 2 Black Men Drowned Autistic Son

Patricia Ripley told police two black men abducted her son Thursday evening, but police in Florida say that’s not what happened at all.

Not even close.

News story of 2 black men abducting autistic child and discovery of child.

Instead, they say, surveillance video shows Ripley pushing her 9-year-old, autistic son, Alejandro Ripley, into a canal to let him drown. Neighbors heard the boy’s screams, however, and came to rescue him.

But, they say, Ripley wasn’t done, and, an hour later, she took him to another canal where there was no one was there to save him.

Alejandro Ripley was found dead Friday morning in a canal on a golf course, according to a Good Morning America.

Man witnesses first attempt of mother trying to drown son

"The only voice in his life that he depended on to get through this world was his mom's, and to think that that voice would be the one to harm him the most," Miami-Dade Deputy Director Freddie Ramirez said, accorind to the report.

Patricia Ripley, 45, is being held without bail and is facing charges of first-degree murder and first-degree premeditated murder, according to the report.

Her arrest came just 48 hours after she told police her son was abducted after she was ambushed by two black men, one wielding a knife, who were demanding drugs, the report says the Miami-Dade County police said.

Patricia Ripley has since admitted her role, according to the report.

Video of woman pushing son into canal

"She admitted that she drove to the SW 62 Street and SW 138 Court at approximately 8:30 p.m. and parked near a canal,” Good Morning America reported the arrest affidavit says. “She then led the victim to the canal where he drowned. She stated he's going to be in a better place.”

She could face death or life in prison if convicted.

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