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James Harden: Poop Stained Shorts?

What a game between the Houston Rockets and Boston Celtics on Saturday afternoon.

During the OT thriller that saw the Rockets squeak out a 111-110 win on the road, there was a moment in the game where James Harden was down on the ground in pain, and fans couldn’t help but to notice that he had a stain on his shorts.

The area seemed close to his butt and it had people online thinking he had pooped his pants. Did he have a shituation during the game? Did he have the bubble guts? Or... maybe a case of not wiping well? Even though the Rockets won, did the Celtics run the shit out of Harden? Whatever the case may be, social media went buck wild and had a lot of fun at the expense of Harden's brownie stained shorts.

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