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ItzYourzRadio Broadcasting World Wide

Updated: May 1, 2021

Regardless of genre or geographical location, most radio station programming follows the same format. Within that format, there are usually a core 10-15 current songs (if that), that are in daily rotation. The urban format will include mix shows that often play songs that are outside of the "core" songs, usually re-currents and older classics.

ItzYourzRadio, a 24/7 Urban Contemporary internet radio station, has stepped outside of the box and have included many re-currents and older, classic songs within the regular rotation. Giving the station a fresh and much broader sound. There are STILL a core group of current songs. They are included in the "Hot20" segment, which airs twice a day.

ItzYourzRadio also has a daily hour dedicated to Independent (Indie) Artists. Many artists who are not signed to or distributed through a major label find it very hard to break their songs via radio.

ItzYourzRadio is a weekly reporter of record spins to DRT (Digital Radio Tracker) and Spin Tracking. The tracking of spins can enable artists to become charted and become nationally and globally recognized.

ItzYourzRadio is also certified with Sound Exchange, ASCAP and BMI. Artists who are certified with them could receive monthly royalties. Of course, that's based on the number of received airplay from radio stations. If eligible, royalty checks will be received directly from Sound Exchange, ASCAP or BMI. Indie Arists, click HERE to get music aired on ItzYourzRadio.

ItzYourzRadio broadcasts through

It also broadcasts through worldwide outlets such as:


There was a time when DJs had the freedom to "break" new music, but because of Payola, those days are long gone. The Program and Music Directors man what songs are to enter into rotation. In many instances, especially in the large markets, DJs received large amounts of "under the table" payments by local and even national artists to get their music played on the radio. Station owners and programmers did not adhere to the large amounts of money DJs received, while in many cases, the owners and programmers received no compensation for the airplay of that music.

Now, independent promoters pay the station directly to get music played. In most cases, it is the larger record labels that can afford to pay the big bucks, as well as barter other promotional deals to get their artists airplay. That is a huge reason why you hear the same 10-15 songs in daily rotation. That "pay for play" price tag often eliminates the indie artists who don't have the long pockets of the corporate major labels. ItzYourzRadio is here to do our part to help level the playing field!!

Here is the programming schedule for ItzYourzRadio.

Mon - Fri Programming

12am-7am Regular Programming

7am-8am Hot20 (Top 20 New Songs)

8am-12pm Regular Programming

12pm-2pm (Monday's) The Majic Show with Majic Mike (Tues-Fri) Classics

2pm-3pm New Soul Sessions (Neo-Soul)

3pm-4pm Regular Programming

4pm-6pm Dusty Crates (Old School Mixes)

6pm-7pm Regular Programming

7pm-8pm Indie Artist Spotlight (Independent Artists)

8pm-9pm Hot20 (Top 20 New Songs) (Mon-Thur)

*9pm-12am Regular Programming

*Friday Nights 9pm-11pm The Majic Show with Majic Mike

11pm-until Friday Night Flava with DJ Cheese, DJ Ill Kid, DJ Flexx


2am-12pm Regular Programming

12pm-5pm Hip-Hop Saturdays

5pm-8pm Regular Programming

*Saturday Nights 8pm-9pm DJ Will Money - Street Anthems Live

*Saturday Nights 9pm-10pm Regular Programming

*Saturday Nights 10pm-11pm DJ Jive Supreme - Supreme Boom Bap

*Saturday Nights 11pm-until Saturday Night Flava with DJ Cheese, DJ Ill Kid and DJ Flexx


2am-12pm hour Regular Programming

12pm-3pm Sunday Vibes (R&B Soul)

3pm-4pm DJ Randy P - The Warming Up Show (Urban Gospel)

4pm-8pm Sunday Vibes (R&B Soul)

8pm-9pm DJ Randy P - The Warming Up Show (Urban Gospel)

9pm-until Regular Programming


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