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ItzYourzRadio | Positive K's Longevity Is Unmatched

Recently, the legendary #PositiveK joined ItzYourzRadioLive.

Positive K signed with First Priority Records in 1987 and hasn't stopped since. Pos has also made appearances on many of your favorite rappers', favorite rapper's songs. MC Lyte's collabo with Positive K on his 1988 groundbreaking, classic "I'm Not Having It", set the tone on how Positive K would set himself a part from the rest of the emcee pack. Fun Fact: "I'm Not Having It" was initially going to feature Queen Latifah, not MC Lyte.

Listen to to the entire interview with Host Donni-Oh! and Positive K as they discuss the recent social uprisings, more white folks joining in the social protests, his early South Bronx influences, learning from music's shady business, five percent nation, his longevity and new music.

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