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ItzYourzRadio Celebrates 50 Years Of Hip Hop With New Music - Hip Hop Is Still Alive


"We all heard the story again and again..." Yes, that was an MC Shan quote, so you may be saying, "Uhhhhhh wrong borough" LOL. But yea, Hip Hop, as we know it, was birthed in the South Bronx. With the start date, date of recognition, who started it (blah blah blah) depending upon who you're talking to, it could differ.

Regardless of any of that, it's all irrelevant. So for the masses of those who choose to celebrate, we're going to use the start date of August 11, 1973 at 1520 in a Rec Room on the corner of Sedgwick and Cedar in the South Bronx, NY.

DJ Kool Herc threw a Back to School Jam that change the world. In 2023, Hip Hop as a culture, is now world wide and it's popularity is as strong and as influential as ever.

We wanted to celebrate it's popularity with a few mixes of new music to show that the culture's influence and creativity is still strong as ever. Although the spaces in which to find gems like these have lessened, with the disappearance of street mixtapes, no more Yo! MTV Raps, no more Rap City, no more Ralph McDaniels The Box, no more Pump It Up, you have to dig deep to find these sort of gems.

Fortunately, ItzYourzRadio's Donni-Oh! is still in the business of dropping REAL hip hop. You can catch Donni-Oh! LIVE every Sunday 4pm-7pm on Live 97.5 FM (streaming live @ You can also catch him every Mon-Fri 4pm-6pm on

HERE ARE A FEW NEW MUSIC MIXES Featuring Pete Rock, LL Cool J feat Q-Tip, MOP, Teflon, Smif-N-Wessun, Chubb Rock, Kev Brown, Skyzoo, Black Thought, Busta Rhymes, Nas, Jadakiss and more!!

ItzYourzRadio's Donni-Oh! drops new joints featuring Skyzoo, Joey Majors,MOP, Ransom, AZ, Nas, Method Man, El Grant, Jadakiss and more!

ItzYourzRadio's Donni-Oh! drops new joints featuring Smif-N-Wessun, Kev Brown, Teflon, Dave East, Nas, Blu, Pete Rock, Chubb Rock and more!

ItzYourzRadio's Donni-Oh! drops new joints featuring LL Cool J (feat Q-Tip), Redman, Teflon, Busta Rhymes, Conway, MC Search, Mos Def, Black Rob, Black Thought, Lost Boyz and more!


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