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Internet On Fire As Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def Is In A Skirt??? Drake Must Be Somewhere Laughing

Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def's latest IG Pic

Yasiin Bey had been out of the hip-hop public eye, before his comments regarding Drake's "Target shopping music".

Now he is back on the map for his latest IG pic, capturing him wearing a skirt, kilt or kente' wrap, whatever you prefer to call it...

It isn't his first time wearing one. Back in April of 2014, it caused quite a stir.

This comment was from a Blog back in April 2014 when Mos was spotted wearing something suspicious:

Mos Def changed his name to Yasiin Bey in 2011 and moved to South Africa in 2013, on a visitor's permit. He's also adapted to the cultural customs by wearing kente' wraps, or in other countries, otherwise known as kilts or skirts.

Depending on who it is, the circumstances and the reasoning, I guess some folks get a pass for wearing a skirt (dress).............. or do they??????? lol

Only because of the waist garb, did he get a pass for wearing those horrendous boots!!!

Now, that for sure is not African culture!

Yes, our once hip-hop superhero has taken a bite out of the apple and has gone to the dark side, with no signs of returning.

Either way, the internet has gone nuts seeing Yasiin Bey's IG pic!!!! Especially since the aftermath of the Drake dust up, following Bey's comments.

Yassin Bey aka Mos Def Has Been Wearing It For Years

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