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Dre's Wife Accuses Him Of Abuse

Andre "Dr. Dre" Young is going through a messy public divorce with his wife Nicole Young. As Dre has recovered from his brain aneurysm and has been seen back at work in the studio, praise God, the divorce proceedings and accusations haven't slowed up.

Infidelity was at the top of the divorce chart for Mrs. Young, but now Spousal abuse has taken front and center. Many of us love Dr. Dre, well his music, because most of us don't know him personally. We hate to see someone we love and so well respected because of his craft, have his name dragged through the mud.

However, this isn't Dre's first rodeo in regards to having accusations of abuse tagged to him. Back in 1990 Dee Barnes, host of Fox's music video show "Pump It Up", alleged Dre slapped her.

Check out the ItzYourz411 audio below to hear the latest.

ItzYourz411: "Nicole Young Ramps Up Dr. Dre Accusations"

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