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Dr. Dre’s Wife Wants To Know If He Has “Love Children” Running Around

Amid the rush of the coronavirus, she asked for their marriage to be dissolved and has unleashed soap opera level tea on the couple’s over two-decade relationship. 

Young recently filed an additional complaint against the beatmaker, hoping that it adds to her case (where she is asking for a substantive dollar amount of compensation for being his wife).

During their union, at least two children were fathered by Dre (whose real name is Andre Young). Nicole and Dre share a son Truice, 23, and a 19-year-old daughter Truly.

Now she contends that there may be additional children from other relationships out there and she wants this to come forward. 

In a newly filed legal document, Young notes that she is looking for paperwork regarding children that he may have had while married to her or paternity actions that he might have made to deal with.

Despite Los Angeles being a “no-fault” divorce state, Nicole believes that showing that Dre is a cheater will get her closer to claiming a big portion of Dre’s $850 million fortune. 

Nicole Young subpoenaed them to come forward and dish on their rendezvous.

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