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Sports | Donni-Oh! Talks His Hoops History and Much More On The Real Sports Fan Podcast

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

In today's world of over saturated "everything", one has to find a way to separate itself from the rest of the pack. Lance Wilson founder/creator and host of The Real Sports Fan Podcast has done just that. With his grassroots approach, he has created a platform for local sports enthusiasts and historians. Located on Maryland's Eastern Shore, Wilson has tapped some of the Shore's most historically accomplished athlete's.

He's even gone beyond the shore and even outside of sports to chop it up.

On Monday April 12, 2021, Wilson linked up with Dondre' "Donni-Oh!" Phoenix. The Real Sports Fan Podcast is usually about an hour, but Wilson and Phoenix's conversation went beyond 3 hours!!!

They delved into many topics, largely due to the many interests and accomplishments Phoenix has had over a 30 year span. That 30 year period has included a McDonald's High School All-American nomination, recruitment from over 75 colleges, top schools including Syracuse, St. John's, Boston College, Penn State and Rutgers, playing college and pro hoops, entrepreneurship, on-air radio personality and more! Lance and Donni-Oh! also talk DMX, Top 5, MVP and the NBA Finals!



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