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DJ Premier Dusts Off The Beats And Bring Out Al Skratch

Updated: Feb 1

There was a time in hip-hop when cats would drop dope music daily. Unfortunately, those days are far gone.

However, every now and then, we still get a surprise here and there... and here's "here and there".

Back in the mid 90's, Ill & Al Skratch were heavy in the streets. As the golden era of hip-hop was at its apex, this duo from Brooklyn and Harlem made their mark.

Where My Homiez? I'll Take Her and Don't Shut Down On A Player, we're solid in the hip-hop streets.

So, needless to say it's always good to hear cats from that era that still make joints. It's even better when you hear unexpected collabos that do it.

In this case Al Skratch and DJ Premier was certainly an unexpected collaboration that passed the test.

"Al Skratch Preemo" is simply dope.

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