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Black Facts: Feb 2

Ice Cream Scooper Invented

On Feb 2, 1897 Alfred L. Cralle invented the Ice Cream Scooper

patent # 576,395.

Spark Plug Patented

Inventor Edmond Berger, invented the spark plug in 1839 and patented it on Feb 2, 1897.

Eleven People Arrested After Sit-In

Seven whites and four Blacks arrested after all-night sit-in at Englewood, N.J., city hall. Four Black mothers arrested after sit-in at Chicago elementary school. Mothers later received suspended $50 fines. Protests, picketing and demonstrations continued for several weeks against de facto segregation, double shifts and mobile classrooms.

Rebellion After Suspicious Death

In Tampa,Florida, a rebellion followed the suspicious death of Edgar Allen Price, a police suspect who died during an arrest. Police contended that Price "hit his head on the ground several times."

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