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Could It Be? Bill Clinton's Ignored Love Child?

One thing about running for public office, in particular the presidency, many skeletons will either fall out or will be dug out of the closet. Being new skeletons or resurfaced skeletons. In the case of Hillary Clinton, there are two closets, which includes her husbands. Unfortunately for her, you can't separate the two.

The man claiming to be Bill Clinton’s abandoned son broke his long silence on Tuesday by likening the former first family’s treatment of him to slave owners.

And Danney Williams pleaded with the former president and his wife, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, finally to accept him into their family.

‘I read history. This goes back to the slave owners when they have a child with one of their slaves and their wives try to have them banished off the plantation,’ he said in a YouTube video.

‘What century is this? It just wasn’t right.’

Williams said he desperately wants to meet Bill Clinton. ‘Like any child, I want to know my dad and I want him to know me,’ he said in the nine-minute tape.

‘I am his only son in the world and he’s my only dad. We have to come together, we have to.’

Williams has long claimed that his prostitute mother met Clinton when she was working on the streets of Little Rock, Arkansas. He claims she told him they had sex 13 times. But all attempts to get him to speak publicly have failed until now.

Williams, 30, a father of five, contrasts his hardscrabble upbringing with that of Chelsea Clinton, who he calls his sister.

'Hillary, please do not deny I exist, I am your stepson. Chelsea is my sister and Bill is my father’

‘In 1995 when my father was president of the United States, the state of Arkansas put us in foster care,’ he says in the nine-minute video. ‘I lived in foster homes.

‘It made me feel horrible because I know his child, Chelsea, was well taken care of and we was house-to-house, hungry at nights.’ He said he dropped out of school in 11th grade to work in a donut shop to support his brothers and sisters.

‘To know that my father was the president, it hurts. Try to imagine that your own father refused to love you, refused to say that you exist. Knowing who my father was and he was so close, yet so far away made my part unbearable.’

In a separate statement Williams denied he was coming forward now for political reasons. ‘This is not about politics or money,’ he said. For me, it is about finding the truth and understanding finally who I am and where I came from.

Williams claims in the video that it was common knowledge around Arkansas that he was Clinton’s child. ‘Everywhere I went, they pointed out: ‘It’s Bill Clinton’s son right there. You look like him, don’t you? The ears, the mouth, the chin, the teeth, the eyes, the nose.

In December, Danney started a Facebook page under the name Danney Williams-Clinton, and has been posting several comparison shots between himself and Clinton in order to show a resemblance.

Danney's mother claims Clinton laughed at her when she told him that she believed her son was his

‘I see him in me. You can see a black Bill Clinton. When I’m brushing my hair I can see Bill Clinton with waves in his hair.

‘I always feel bad about him not wanting to be in my life,’ he added. ‘Was it because I was black? Was there something wrong with me? Why do you not want to be a part of me? It made me even think sometimes of suicide.

Williams was brought up by his aunt Lucille Bolton, because his mother was constantly in and out of prison when he was growing up. Bolton also appears in the video.

She said that Danney’s mother, Bobbi Anne Williams, told her she was pregnant with Clinton’s child months before he was born.

Bolton said she once took Danney to the Governor’s Mansion in Little Rock in a bid to confront the Clintons but they were chased off the grounds. ‘There was a car coming out of the front gate, right. When the gate swings open, I ran up in there and ran behind the gate.

‘When I got to the door, I asked for (Hillary) and the door was slammed in my face.’

Williams claims in the video that it was common knowledge around Arkansas that he was Clinton’s child. ‘Everywhere I went, they pointed out: ‘It’s Bill Clinton’s son right there. You look like him, don’t you? The ears, the mouth, the chin, the teeth, the eyes, the nose'

She said ‘two big old guys’ came from round the side of the mansion. ‘I went running and jumped a fence, got the hell out of there,’ she said.

At one point in the video Williams said he got no help from the Clintons during his upbringing, but at another he says his mother regularly got ‘seven $100 bills’ placed in her mailbox and he received Christmas presents from the former first family.

‘They were delivered to my home by state troopers. So I felt he was trying to be a part of my life. And then when he became president, everything stopped.’

He said that in 1999 the tabloid magazine Star published a report saying that he had failed a DNA test, but he says no such test was ever taken. ‘I would love a DNA test to be done,’ he said.

Williams claimed to have had several near-miss attempts to speak to the Clintons. He once went to hear a speech Bill was giving at his presidential library in Little Rock but arrived too late. Just this year during a campaign stop he said he sat front and center as Hillary spoke, but she left immediately afterwards so he didn’t get a chance to speak to her.

‘I put myself right in front of the podium where she spoke. She was looking right at me — eye contact. I was thinking she knew who I was.’

What made it even more galling was the fact she spoke about meeting members of the Black Lives Matter movement and how she felt for them.

‘It made me wonder. She says black lives matter, so why I don’t matter to her?

Williams said he has told his children that their grandfather was once president. ‘They’re amazed by it. They’re like “No. Is it for real?” I tell them yes, he is my father and I will make sure you get to meet him one day.’

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