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Documentaries produced by Dondre' Phoenix that touches on controversial topics that most dare not engage. Through research and experience, both documentaries hit hard and shows the evil that Amerikkka has perpetrated against those of non European descent.

The War On Drugs:

Oppression Of A People

war drugs2.jpg

The War On Drugs

Oppression Of A People

war on drugs.jpg

ItzYourz TV delivers a very compelling and in-depth documentary that focuses on drug smuggling, racial profiling, inequalities in the justice system, the prison industrial complex, inequalities in education and economics and the new Jim Crow. Special thanks to RoyaltyFreeMusic12

Ethiopia To America:

How We Got Here

ethiopia to america:

how we got here


ItzYourzMedia presents "Ethiopia to America: How We Got Here." Documentary Film Producer Dondre' Phoenix is back with his follow-up to, "The War On Drugs: Oppression of a People", with a very deep uncovering of truth, regarding the African, that's been tucked away for far too long. This historical journey takes us back as far as 200 million years ago with The Continental Drift, the birth of modern humanity in Africa nearly 150,000 years ago, the migration of man out of Africa 60,000 years ago, Ancient Kemet's civilization of man and it's great dynasties, the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, Reconstruction, the Jim Crow era and so much more. Here is a 20 minute short

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