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Usher Reveals A Supergroup With Jay-Z, Pharell, Diddy and He Were In The Works

After his well talked about appearance on Shannon Sharpe's Club Shay Shay, Katt Williams said it, but it's become clear, Club Shay Shay is the new space to reveal "well-tucked" information and to spill the tea..... Spilling the tea used to be a phrase for gossiping women.

However, in this new podcasting/media era, men are gossiping far more than women.

Or did men always gossip????????....... hmmmmm.

In this case, there was no tea dropped, but Usher did dropped some "well-tucked" information.

Usher is nearing 100 performances during his residency in Vegas, home to this year's Super Bowl.

After getting the 5am bat call from Jay-Z stating, "It's that time..." (Jay Z heads as the director for selecting the NFL's SuperbowlHalftime performances). Usher will be performing at this year's Superbowl in Vegas.

So with the Superbowl a little less than two weeks away, Usher had some time to sit down with Shannon Sharpe for the “Club Shay Shay” podcast. During their conversation, he shared how he once babysat Beyoncé and his Mount Rushmore of R&B. The “Burn” hitmaker also revealed he was almost in a supergroup with JAY-Z, Pharrell, and Diddy.

“You gon’ hate me for this one. JAY-Z, Pharrell, Diddy, and me was supposed to be a group. Yeah, that’s crazy,” Usher explained. “I didn’t say, ‘No.’ I didn’t say, ‘Yeah.’ I think that we just got caught up. We all got caught up in the moment. We was talking about it and having secret meetings about it.”

He added, “We was talking about music and how we was gon’ flip it, and the business of it. Somehow, we just got distracted, and it never happened. That’s one that I actually wish would have happened.” Check out the clip below.

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