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Rhymrcka Drops Venomous Bars In “GET IT!” (Video)

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

@pesopapi223. The single/video is taken from Rhymrcka's upcoming solo project.

Rhymrcka (American Cream Team, Wutang Killah Bee affiliate) drops reps of gritty bars over striking melodies and hard, NY basslines, which vibrate and quake the actual video from beginning to end.

Rhymrcka’s aggressive, mean-mugging gets his message across loud and clear.

The only way he knows how to live is to get it. He's extreme and full speed with his hustle and grind, some might even take him as a mercenary.

Whether he's moving through the concrete jungle, spewing venom underground, or taking a global spin, Rhymrcka has the means to GET IT!!

Watch the official video and connect with Rhymrcka below.


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