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Ramp 'Attacks' The Entire Industry

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

The Flipmode Squad's First Lieutenant, Rampage

Yea, you remember the voice....

from classics such as, Spontaneous, Flava In Ya Ear, Woo-Ha and Wild For Da Night, during hip hop's Golden Era.

Many have followed him since, but some may be wondering, what's up with Flipmode Squad's First Lieutenant RAMPAGE? Well, we've got the drop.

For starters, he's inked a record label deal for his company DeepFreeze Entertainment (DFE) with Sure Shot Records.

In May 2020 Rampage released his hit single "Selfie", produced by DJ Excel The MixMaster who has remixed for Sean Paul, Sasha, Fatman Scoop, Elephant Man, Cutty Ranks Panhead, and Beyonce.

In March of 2022 he dropped a monumental and timely relevant mixtape, "The Quarantine Chronicles".

Outside of the recording side, Ramp has shown his versatility and "the bag" comes in multiple ways. He has not rested on his well documented hip hop laurels. Ramp has attacked the industry from every conceivable angle, with major success.

Rampage is not only a legendary emcee, but Ramp DJs as well. He has a syndicated mix show, "Mix Show Madness", that airs on over 65 radio stations internationally. Those stations include Sirius XM, iHeart Radio, 97.5 The Blaze, Likwit Radio, Philly Go Flow, 97.7 Outlaw Radio, Live 89 FM, Blaze 1 and ItzYourzRadio247, just to name a few.

Ramp also owns a footwear company, a water company, CEO of the Heat DJ Coalition, TV and movie executive, as well as a school teacher.

Rampage hosts a monthly conference call with his Heat DJ coalition, in which many music industry executives are invited to listen to some of the dopest major and indie artists break new music.

Ramp, himself, is still banging out new music. He just dropped a new single, "Time To Get The Money Right" ,in which he flipped the classic Showbiz & AG's "Soul Clap".

If that isn't inspiration for you, I don't know what type of motivation you need to go get "the bag".

Rampage recently stopped by ItzYourzRadio and chopped it up with Donni-Oh!

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@therealrampage @RampLo92


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