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DJ Scratch Says, Hip-Hop OGs Get Ya Facts Straight

DJ Scratch is well rooted in Hip-Hop culture. As a member of EPMD, he produced the tracks “Funky Piano” and “Rampage” from 1991’s Business As Usual. He also worked on a remix for “I’m Mad” in addition to being the duo’s official DJ. He later linked up with Busta Rhymes and started producing for Flipmode Squad, LL COOL J, Q-Tip and many more. Needless to say, he’s been around. But despite his vast knowledge of Hip-Hop, he thinks there are some discrepancies that need to be discussed.

Not long after MC Sha-Rock sparred with Debbie D over first female MC claims, DJ Scratch had a message for the OGs. On Saturday (March 18), DJ Scratch shared a Facebook status that read: “All the first generation of Hip Hop from all New York City boroughs need to sit in a room & get this history sorted out correctly.”

The post produced a cascade of comments from people who were primarily in agreement. Many agreed Hip Hop was older than 50 but still gave credit to Kool Herc. As one person wrote: “Coming from the outside looking in, I think the culture is older than 50, but Herc’s event can still be recognized as the seminal moment. That was the Genesis moment.

“Everybody can’t be called a Founder but the contributions of men like Grandmaster Flowers has to be recognized. All of the Boroughs need their space and recognition as contributing to the birth of the culture but DJ Kool Herc’s party still is recognized as the moment the others incidentally birthed.”

Unsurprisingly, that comment also sparked a debate and someone quickly pointed out Flowers wasn’t considered a Hip-Hop DJ. Another commenter brought up DJ Hollywood, who is still labeled a “disco” DJ to this day. It’s these nuanced arguments that DJ Scratch clearly thinks need to be resolved.

Hip Hop officially turns 50 on August 11, the same date in 1973 Kool Herc and sister Cindy Campbell threw the Back To School party at 1520 Sedgwick Ave. in the Bronx.


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