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Cesar Comanche and 9th Wonder do it again on the single "Before Dawn"

"BEFORE DAWN" is a single from the album titled "LIKE A NIGHT IN THE THIEF" by Cesar Comanche (DOTFW/Justus League). Before seeing the production credit, my first thought was, "This has 9th Wonder written all over it".

Guess what?.....................

My ears were correct.

Obviously, with Cesar Comanche being one of the founding members of the Justus League, along with 9th Wonder, it should be no surprise to hear 9th collaborating on the boards.

To some, "Before Dawn" may sound familiar. Yes, your ears aren't deceiving you. This is a 2009 release, however, this joint is definitely worth circling around the block for some new spins.

For many others, this is fresh and beautiful music for the soul.

After several years of blessing us with several features, albums, production and engineering, Cesar Comanche catches you with a "one, two" before the summer ends.


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