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The POV Sports Show

The POV Sports Show airs every Sunday night 9pm-9:30pm, with an encore airing 10pm-10:30pm EST. Devon Mason is your host giving wall-to-wall sports coverage. Producer, Dondre' 'Donni-Oh!" Phoenix chimes in as well.

Guests includes players, coaches and media from the local level to the NCAA, NBA, NFL and MLB. POV also opens up the phone lines for it's loyal listeners to give their "Point-Of-View" as well. You want on-point accurate analysis regarding sports on and off the court, field and out of the ring? Then look no further than The POV Sports Show on ItzYourzRadioLive.

Colin Kaepernick: #ThePOVSportsShow Colin Kaepernick's Stance Is About Much More Than A Flag

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